Sandro S2 Blanco NF Blanco - Safety Footwear

Sports style work footwear, made of waterproof and breathable natural grain leather. Ultralight and comfortable, recommended for people who spend a lot of time on their feet and/or walking. Professional footwear, focused on the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, etc).

  • Modern design and easy to clean.
  • Top quality waterproof and breathable full grain leather.
  • Ultralight sole made of EVA + Rubber, adaptable to the natural shape of the foot, great feeling of comfort thanks to its lightness and flexibility. Resistant to daily use, wear and high slip resistance (SRC).
  • Anti-impact steel toe cap (200J).
  • Thermoformed interchangable TRI-TEC special insole.
  • Padded collar that allows for optimal mobility and fit while preventing scrapes and brushes.
  • Very absorbable, breathable and abrasion resistant textile foam lining.
  • OEKO-TEX certified. The fabrics used in producing this footwear are hazardous-substances free (REACH).

EN ISO 20345

Level of protection

From 37 to 48

Special Features

TriTec Insole

TriTec Insole

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