Antibacterial white wellington with a 100% waterproof cover. Especially designed for use in the food and meat industries.

  • Treated for Anti-grease, oil, blood and fluids.
  • Ideal for moisture resistant work with bacteria.
  • Footwear is equipped with additive BioBACTER that eliminates 99% of bacteria and is effective for over 50 different species of bacteria including Campylobacter and Legionella. Unlike other organic antimicrobial technologies it remains active throughout the entire life of the footwear.
  • Wide toe, does not imprison the foot.
  • Non-slip sole design.
  • Extraordinary strength and durability.

EN ISO 20347

Level of protection

From 35 to 40

Special Features

BioBACTER Antibacterial Protection

BioBACTER Antibacterial Protection

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