For me it is a dream to be working here

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With a stevedore grandfather and a stevedore father, Nerea has been a stevedore since she was 18 years old. He is because he is passionate about his work and because he feels a special bond with the port and because despite the complications of the schedules, the total availability that he has to offer to work, 365 days a year and the difficulties of day to day, She is fulfilling a dream.

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My father was my hero.

As a child, Nerea went one day to give a sandwich to her father, who was driving a large machine in the port. She was impressed when she saw him and from that day on she couldn't get him out of her mind, until she decided to be a dockworker. She now drives that machine that her father once drove and she is proud to work in each of the functions that she performs in the port.

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