I was born in the work and since I was little it is what I have lived

foto Albañil Currante

Already as a child, Ángel explored the world of construction very closely with his father, who was what was formerly called master builder. At only 12 years old, Ángel went to the construction site on weekends, where he began to learn the trade and “get hooked.” He liked the environment that he discovered so much that now, all the memories he keeps are good.

What I feel for this is a very great passion.

It’s not an easy job. In summer, Angel has to endure temperatures of 40º and in winter of -2º. Neither his schedule from 6h in the morning to 20h at night is simple, but he is a worker, enjoys and has fun working, he fills him with lunch every morning with his colleagues and is quite a satisfaction, as an account, the gratitude of people when they finish a house.

Modelo Troza - Panter

Safety boot made of resistant and durable materials, with a special reinforced sole for uneven terrain. It offers lightness, stability and great comfort.

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