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foto Pescador Currante

Before dawn, Andrés and his crew are already sailing towards the Mediterranean fishing grounds where their loot awaits. Sardines, emperors, shrimp, octopus, their nets catch daily so that restaurants and fishmongers do not lack anything. Fishing is a hard task, with moments of risk when there are rough seas and storms, in which any false step can be costly. Even so, Andrés is clear that he would not dedicate himself to anything else.

Grandson of a fisherman, he skippers his own boat, making an effort every day.

The first time he went out to fish was due to his poor academic performance, punished by his mother to go fishing with his grandfather. There he fell in love with the job and longs that his grandfather has not seen how, with much sacrifice and effort, he skippers his own boat today.

Modelo 2091 Verde S5 - Panter

Wellies, high top, 100% waterproof. Maximum protection and insulation from the cold.

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