After almost a decade developing his passion, the words 'boat overboard' continue to excite him and fill him with pride like the first day. A satisfaction that is rewarded and driven by daily work.

In addition to loving his job, what he values most on a daily basis is his relationship with his colleagues, whom he already considers friends. A positive work environment that allows each result to be better than the last. A story that shows that with motivation you always get a reward.

"The issue of foot safety, what is very important is that they are comfortable, flexible, here we spend a lot of time on our knees when laying floors, platforms and such, we need them to have flexibility."

Rubén works safely and takes care of his health with Silex Plus S3

    • Anti-fatigue footwear.

    • 1st quality water-repellent natural grain leather, chosen for its quality, resistance and breathability.

    • Specially reinforced sole, anti-torsion design, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, greater durability and resistance.

    • Anti-impact plastic toe cap (200J) and anti-perforation textile sole (1100N), non-metallic.

    • Tongue with bellows opening.

    • 3M reflective, rear and sides (interior and exterior), with certified retroreflection.

    • Highly rub-resistant inner lining, which keeps sweat away from contact with the foot.

    • Oversized ankle protection with anti-rub padding.

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    Veiligheidsschoen met veters gemaakt van materialen van buitengewone sterkte en duurzaamheid. Ergonomisch en extra brede leest, biedt een speciale breedte en grote stabiliteit.
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