Carlos is a hard worker who has more than three decades of experience. His career is marked by his ability to lead teams with professionalism to always achieve any of the proposed objectives.

A job that is carried out in extreme conditions, facing subzero temperatures but always under determination and unwavering security in the work environment. Thanks to his dedication, Carlos is an example in a sector that demands perseverance and excellence.

“This work is not done by machines, it is the workers who work very hard to bring quality products to our customers.”

“Here, the refrigerator starts at 5 in the morning every day, as they are difficult conditions to which you have to adapt, although to do so, we have tools, we have thermal suits, footwear that obviously has to be suitable for negative cold temperatures. , non-slip and of course that protect from any twist or any incident that may fall, a box, a pallet, there is even machinery, because apart from reinforcing (safety) to maintain the body temperature that is needed for mobility, etc., it is also required for prevention.”

Carlos works safely and takes care of his health with Super Polar s2 168

    Top quality natural grain leather, extra thick and with water-repellent treatment, which provides effective protection against humidity and optimal breathability.

    Anti-impact toe cap in steel resistant to 200J.

    Special PU + RUBBER sole for walking on ice and frost. It protects the foot from extreme cold while its excellent anti-slip coefficient provides maximum grip.

    “OPTIMAL SOLE” technology. Greater lightness, stability and use of cushioning in the entry step to propel the next step.

    Antistatic footwear.

    Wide last that does not imprison the foot.

    Interchangeable inner thermal sock, made of technical fabric against low temperatures.

    Closure with laces and tongue.

    Anti-fatigue footwear.


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    SUPER POLAR S2 168

    Hoge veiligheidslaars aangegeven voor extreem koud werk. Vervaardigd met een veeleisende thermische isolatie die zeer bevredigend beschermt tegen klimatologische omstandigheden van -40ºC.
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