Some years ago the circumstances of life led Isabel to her profession. Waste cleaning is a job where you never know what you are going to find, however she is clear that it is a profession where you have to give your best every day.

Isabel is clear about the importance of cleaning and collecting waste. But she is also aware that being part of a great team makes any job more bearable.

“It is a job that today I like and it satisfies me, I arrive at my company to work at 5 because I need to see my colleagues I need to drink my coffee I need my charraeta our laughs, keep in mind that they are people you see from 7 days 6 a week, at the entrance or at the exit, it is like your little big family…”

“We wear our safety shoes, shoes that have to be comfortable because you are on your feet all day, a bin can fall or a container can tip over, a thousand things can happen to you, it has to be a boot that can withstand, comfortable that they do not weigh and that they protect you ”.

Isabel works safely and takes care of her health with Silex Link

Silex Link

· Developed according to the UNE EN ISO 20345 standard and made free of metal components from top quality water-repellent 1st grain leather, chosen for its quality, resistance and breathable capacity; and by state-of-the-art OEKO-TEX® certified textile, free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment.

· Panter® patented ergonomic last that maximizes the well-being of the user, reducing plantar pressure, fatigue and muscle pain. This last has been developed under strict scientific and biomechanical criteria, endorsed by the conclusions of the 1st Functional Study of Safety Footwear in Comfort and Ergonomics carried out by Panter® in collaboration with INESCOP.

· Dual-density polyurethane sole, light, non-slip, flexible and resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. Special non-slip design with energy absorption system in the heel.

· Optimal Sole Technology gives this model incredible cushioning and stability. With it, Panter® has revolutionized the sector, manufacturing the most comfortable professional footwear on the market, with a notable reduction in weight, as well as taking advantage of the cushioning in the first step to drive the next step. It offers optimal distribution of plantar pressures, reduction of muscle fatigue and reduction of possible lumbar pain.

· Impact resistant plastic toe cap up to 200 Joules (Maximum Certification). Super light, comfortable, ergonomic and insulating against electricity, it provides a true barrier, being an effective protector of blows on the fingers without imprisoning them, thanks to its elastic memory that recovers its shape after impact.

· Anti-perforation textile plant resistant to 1100 N, with a result of 0 mm. to drilling. Extraordinarily flexible and light, which facilitates mobility at all times. Provides total protection, since it covers 100% of the plantar surface, while allowing maximum flexibility of the sole, adapting without rigidity to the natural shape of the foot. Manufactured with special high tenacity fibers that give it excellent resistance to perforation. A breakthrough in comfort and protection.

· Antistatic, antibacterial and antifungal insole. Prevents the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for generating infections and bad odor. Prevents the formation of static energy. Lined with soft fabric that is highly resistant to wear and tear, it is very comfortable and fluffy. Fully removable and interchangeable.

· Oversized ankle protection with anti-scratch padding.

· Wide manufacturing sizing with ergonomic lasts adapted to the physiognomy of the female and male foot.

· Anti-fatigue footwear.

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Ergonomische, flexibele en lichtgewicht veiligheidslaars, met een modern design en trekkoordsluiting.
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