What was a punishment from his mother has ended up being his way of life. She discovers the story of Andrés who has made the sea his workplace and sails the Mediterranean on board his ship in search of the best fishing grounds.

This worker is a fisherman, and he makes a great effort in his work to get the best product and be able to take it to fishmongers, restaurants and even to our homes.

“If I were to be born again, I would choose this trade again because it is the trade of my ancestors, of my grandfather, for which one day I decided to come here and I decided never to leave”.

Andrés works safely and takes care of his health with 2091 Verde S5

2091 Verde S5

· Developed according to the UNE EN ISO-20345 standard, it has protection level S5 and is made of PVC + Nitrile Rubber.

· Reinforced boot with different thicknesses of material and external reinforcements in the areas most exposed to possible blows and scratches (instep, ankle, heel, front...), providing great comfort, without impairing flexibility or freedom of movement of the foot. Bellows-shaped instep design that facilitates flexion when walking.

· Steel toe cap with anticorrosive primer resistant to impacts up to 200 Joules (Maximum Certification). Protects fingers by providing a solid protective barrier.

· Anti-perforation steel floor with anticorrosive primer resistant to 1100 N.

· Injected PVC sole resistant to hydrocarbons. It has a special drawing that facilitates the removal of mud, as well as providing traction.

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