Medical panter

At Panter, committed to the health of workers and aware of providing not only quality footwear that protects the foot or has long durability, but also helps those users who, due to their specific needs, cannot use standard professional footwear, We created the Medical Panter department.

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel spur

Hallux Valgus


Hammer toes / Claw toes

Calluses / Hardness

Morton's neuroma

Flat Foot, Valgus or Varus

Hyperhidrosis / Athlete's Foot

Nail problems or ingrown toenails

These are just some of the many ailments that we regularly manage.

Medical Panter offers professional footwear made 100% custom.

This service is focused on:

Users who, due to the morphology of their feet, need particularities, such as:

Lasts and toe caps with greater space in terms of heights or widths (toe size 6 and toe size 13)

Insoles that provide special cushioning to the foot (Tritec and Ecological).

Special sizes (Silex Plus S3 T.36 and Silex Plus S3 T.52), which incorporate very resistant rubber soles.

Leather free of Chromium and heavy metals, for users who have allergies

Specific linings that have the strictest certificates in terms of health and environment, for users with Diabetic Foot.

As well as for users who suffer from pathologies of different severity or origin and require even more precise elements, such as:

Corrective insoles, increases in cases of users who have differences or even different sizes on each foot.

During the years that we have been offering this service we have managed many cases, but above all we have treated and met many people who have placed complete trust in us and about whom we can say with satisfaction that we have helped them solve their problems.

A multitude of injuries, pains and discomforts related to the entire musculoskeletal system begin with not stepping correctly, which is why we must pay special attention to the health of the foot, since it can give us significant signs of our general health.

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