We know that society appreciates our work.

foto Barrendera Currante

A few years ago, life circumstances led Isabel to her profession. Waste cleaning is a job where you never know what you are going to find, however she is clear that it is a profession where you have to give your best every day. Against rain, wind or heat Isabel has shown us that she is a real worker.

I am proud of my work and my colleagues.

Isabel is clear about the importance of cleaning and collecting waste. But she is also aware that being part of a great team makes any job more bearable.

Modelo Silex Link- Panter

Special intervention boot for Forestry Brigades and rescue and extinction tasks. Made of water-repellent natural grain leather, breathable, liquid-repellent and resistant to fire, tearing and traction. Water-repellent and fire-retardant according to EN ISO 15090.

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