Panter Science

Panter strives to improve its competitiveness and product quality at the same time as positivelyinfluencing productivity of users and clients.

That is why we consider Research and Development (R&D and innovation) to be such a key area for our investments.

Our main concern in offering a quality product is to continue researching and developing new ideas and knowledge that arise from specific needs posed by companies or by society at large and to which Panter provides solutions.

Panter, a leading company in the field of footwear for professional use, obtained the first CE CERTIFICATE for safety footwear issued in Spain (European Standard EN 345) in 1994 for its SILEX style. This was a milestone that raised safety quality from which we all benefit.

Currently, all of our footwear complies with the most demanding Safety and Quality European standards. Our footwear has been tested by institutional laboratories such as the prestigious INESCOPthe Biomechanical Institute of Valencia and SATRA in the UK.

The laboratory is key in the development of our shoes intervening from the biomechanical design phase to the ergonomic test phase, through the tests of flexibility, electrical resistance, energy absorption, impact resistance, thermal insulation, flexion, etc.



This technology puts at our disposal textiles made from threads with a high-tenacity polyester core and covered with a layer of PU, achieving textiles with extremely high resistance to abrasion, flexible and soft to adapt to any shape.

ARMOTEX® technology, with PUTEK fabric, 10 times more resistant than current materials used in extreme conditions, more flexible, softer and tested according to EN 388:2016.

ARMOTEX® manufacturing is environmentally friendly, reducing water consumption and the use of chemical products.

  • More resistant footwear, with a longer useful life.
  • Perfect balance protection and lightness.
  • Shoe cut with adaptive capacity to the foot, thanks to the softness of the fabric.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.



ECOLOGICAL technology is the sustainable alternative in safety footwear. It incorporates recycled and recyclable materials, contributing to the circular economic model, which promotes the efficient use of resources and energy. Made with 100% Recycled PET yarn. The solution in safety footwear that protects you and also the environment.

  • Upper, lining and inner insole made with yarn from recycled PET plastic bottles.
  •  The polyurethane sole material, once the footwear's useful life is over, is recycled for other uses such as flooring for playgrounds, paving roads, etc.
  • Environmentally friendly solution.

Optimal Sole

As a result of a constant investment in R & D PANTER has revolutionized the market with its new Optimal Sole technology, reaffirming itself as the one of the most comfortable professional footwear brand on the market. When applied to all its shoes, Optimal Sole requires remarkable weight reduction, while taking advantage of the cushioning in the initial step to push the next step, thanks to the development of a new generation of polyurethane.

Optimal Sole transforms the kinetic energy of each step into impulse for the next, ensuring:

  • Optimal distribution of plantar pressures
  • Decrease of muscle fatigue
  • Reduction of possible back pain
  • Lower risk of injury

Getting a super flexible and ultra-light sole, that provides incredible cushioning and stability.


The 1st Functional Study on Footwear Comfort and Ergonomics, carried out by PANTER in collaboration with INESCOP, is one of the most important elements that have allowed us to take the last step ahead and and have users’ comfort  as our main focus. Panter has developed and patented an exclusive ergonomic last, result of this cooperation. This last, incorporated in our footwear, maximizes users’ comfort by reducing plantar pressures, and notably diminishes fatigue and muscle pain.







Studied features:

  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Efficiency

Biomechanical tests:

  • Kinematic
  • Dynamic
  • Muscular Activity:
    • Whilst stationary.
    • Whilst walking.
  • Sole-pressure

Biomechanical tested performed:

  • Reduction of plantar pressures
  • Improved termal insulation
  • Reduced fatigue and risk of injuries
  • Reduction of lumbar pain


  • During the walk, it ofers a high comfort feeling, due to a uniform distribution over the sole-impact.
  • Excellent absorption of energy, no compromise stability for the final user.
  • Dynamic stability: a significant reduction over the sole-pressure.
  • Static stability with one foot. To 97/99% a high muscular activity can be observed, this leads to less fatigue and risk of injuries.
  • A better isolation.
  • Excellent distribution about the sole-pressure.



PANTER® VIBATECH, the antiviral and antibacterial compound for footwear effective against COVID-19.

This footwear technology accelerates the disappearance of viruses and bacteria by 99% in just 6 hours. This advanced antimicrobial compound integrated into the polymer of the sole is effective against viruses such as SARS-COV-2 and against bacteria such as MRSA, Ecoli, Campylobacter, Legionella, Salmonella, Listeria...

PANTER® VIBATECH is endorsed by BIOMASTER and has been developed under ISO 21702:2019 (antiviral activity) and ISO 22196:2011 (antibacterial activity) standards. This technology is present in all the footwear in our Food and Ergoshoe line, both in microfiber, leather and PVC models.

  • Decreases viral load up to 99% in just 6 hours.
  • Footwear certified under ISO 21702:2019 and ISO 22196:2011 standards.
  • The only footwear technology tested and effective against SARS-COV-2.
  • Antimicrobial agent integrated in the polymer of the sole.
  • Special for food, cleaning and sanitary sectors.
  • Effective against more than 50 species of bacteria and encapsulated viruses such as SARS-COV-2.
  • Prevents cross contamination and spread of organisms and pathogens.
  • Antimicrobial properties active throughout the life of the shoe.




Panter Hidrogrip sole, produced from the latest highly light and flexible polymeric material, provides safety footwear extraordinary comfort and performance. Furthermore, its special ribbing design prevents the accumulation of dirt and its effective micro-vacuums provide unique anti-slip properties. Moreover, it incorporates an energy absorbing system in the heel area and offers high resistance against hydrolysis, abrasion and hazardous substances such as: oils and hydrocarbons and ultraviolet rays, thus preventing the sole from yellowing.

Panter has developed new styles based on its Hidropgrip sole, widening its range of safety footwear destined to the health, food, laboratories and sanitary sectors: ZagrosLúpuloMerlot and Brisa. All while taking into account the needs of professionals working in these sectors; footwear with the latest designs and materials to provide protection and comfort.

High2Out (Sympatex)


• 120% more breathable

• 250% more sweat absorbent

• 100% waterproof and windproof

• 100% recyclable and ecological (no PTFE)

• Drier feet for longer




Eco interior insole

  • Made with ESD antistatic polyurethane foam, recycled and with absorbent and breathable activated carbon.
  • Developed with PET fabric from the recycling of plastic bottles.
  • The new high-performance PANTER Memory foam in terms of comfort, resistance and durability provides extra padding in the footprint thanks to its absorption, cushioning and recovery system after impacts produced while walking. Extraordinarily enhances comfort.
  • Activated carbon minimizes electrical resistance, improves the absorption and breathability of the polyurethane foam, eliminating moisture and bad odors, and balances the thermal sensation.
  • Thanks to responsible manufacturing we obtain more sustainable fabrics, which translates into lower consumption of water, energy and air pollution.



  1. Activated carbon that keeps the feet dry
  2. Viscoelastic fabric that powers the next step
  3. Shock absorber that softens the impacts
  4. Perspiration transfer layer
  5. Highly abrasion resistant fabric



Technology of Dampness Absorption and Elimination. Especially designed for users who suffer from excessive sweating.

Good-bye sweating, good-bye odours!

  • Maximum sweat absorption.
  • High durability.
  • Removal of bad odours.
  • Comfort
  • Antibacterial.
  • Antistatic.



PANTER has designed a new highly technologically advanced system as a  result of its continuous research effort and the commitment placed on R&D and innovation. This result has been titled PANTER OXÍGENO and is an important advance towards user comfort. The importance of this new system, endorsed by INESCOP, lies in its evolutionary waterproofing and breathable mechanism integrated into the outsole so that the shoe transpires through the front part (as research shows that most sweat accumulates under the metatarsus) and provides effective ventilation.

PANTER OXÍGENO evacuates sweat and regulates the internal temperature of the foot via ventilation through the outsole, ensuring excellent breathability and waterproofing.

The PANTER OXÍGENO line was made possible owing to the company's most up-to-date manufacturing process that comprises automated polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane (PU + TPU) injection machinery. This enables binding by injection of the new membrane compound integrated into the outsoles of safety footwear ensuring ultra durability. 

The new PANTER OXÍGENO line was designed to be free of metal components and, in addition to being waterproof and breathable, the design of the safety footwear also offers unmatched protection and comfort as a result of a very detailed understanding of the outsole:

  • Extra-large holes providing high ventilation
  • Waterproofing and Breathable mechanism integrated into the outsole 
  • Special ribbing that facilitates flexion
  • Ergonomic last that does not limit the toes mobility
  • Patented system
  • Anti-twist design
  • Polyurethane + thermoplastic polyurethane (PU+TPU) sole that is abrasion and wear resistant
  • Anti-slip tread
  • Shock-absorber area


By combining these components, we have created the most ventilated and breathable, but also the safest and most comfortable footwear on the market. In addition to the excellence of its components:

  • Plastic toe cap resistant to impacts of up to 200 joules (highest certification). Very light, comfortable, ergonomic and insulating against electricty. Provides an authentic barrier effectively protecting  the toes against impacts without restricting them. It recovers its shape after the impact owing to its elastic memory.
  • Non-metallic anti-perforation fabric insole, extraordinarily flexible and light, facilitates movement and flexibility at all times, moulding itself to the natural shape of the foot without rigidity. Manufactured with special extraordinarily puncture-resistant fibers, protecting the foot from possible harm from sharp objects.

The market's demand for more breathable footwear has led PANTER to investigate into ways of successfully applying this new technology, which supposes a revolution in the world of safety footwear with the user as the main beneficiary.

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