Technical Assistance

The users may find it difficult to obtain in-depth knowledge of all the personal protection equipment that is necessary for their staff.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from our Technical Support Department. We will be pleased to guide, to advise and offer you the most appropriate options for a specific task. Our professionals are extensively experienced and able to discern the determined performances of each professional footwear model in relation to the different job areas. Thus, you will be given the best option!

Customer Care

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Medical Panter

MEDICAL PANTER is a personalized and tailored safety, uniform and protective footwear solution for those workers, who, either by foot pain or deformities, cannot use Standard Professional Footwear.  

Many people have benefited from our footwear ever since we started offering our customized footwear service: MEDICAL PANTER. 

Always supported by the diagnosis and recommendations from podiatrists, MEDICAL PANTER has been proven a solution for many types of aches, such as: claw toe, Hallux Valgus, dysmetria, allergies or diabetic foot.  

Other diseases and illnesses that we have treated are: hallux rigidus, ingrown toenail, calcaneal spur, lymphedema, extra-wide foot, extra-large foot, pes cavus, flat foot, hallux valgus, varus foot, clubfoot, interdactilar chicken eye, Achilles tendonitis, poliomyelitis sequels, macrodactylia, different sized feet, plantar fasciitis, talalgia, metatarsalgia, toe amputation, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, numbness, scars, prostheses, tibial dysfunction, lumbar pain, metatarsal fracture, etc.



Special sizes

We have no limits! If your size is not standard, do not worry about it! You will still be able to get your PANTER footwear. From the continental size 33 to 54. PANTER for everyone!

Special anti-allergic

All our manufactured products, and their respective materials and elements as well, currently have the strictest certificates when it comes to health and environment.

Everything for taking care of your feet! Even if focusing on these preventive measures, an exception occurs; there is not any problem because we have the solution you particularly need.



Corporations are more and more looking for their identity in the uniform. That is why PANTER offers footwear totally personalised considering colours, details or brand.

Fuel your bussines

We have agile and intelligent solutions to help official PANTER distributors in the Point of Sale.

PANTER distributors have the following sales support tools:

  • Printed material
  • Displays, Signage and Location
  • Improving the Footwear Choice & Experience
  • Cross-selling
  • Rotation of the Point of Sale
  • Large Format Printing

wide range of Exhibitors are made available to our distributors: for showcase, desktop, outstanding lines, tower type, maintenance kits, accessories ...

In addition, PANTER has Merchandising material and other Advertising Claims.

Social Media Promotion Tools:

  • Images
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Images optimized for Social Networks
  • Explanatory infographics
  • Web banners
  • Testimonials

We Exclusively realize training to PANTER Official Distributors. Join our sales philosophy, discover the best arguments to introduce our products and recognise the differentiated quality that characterizes our brand.

The fusion with our distributors is the key for our philosophy. Thanks to this service, we will be able to synchronise our teams to become more and more efficient.

Recicla Panter

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Recicla Panter

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Recicla Panter
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