Standing for long hours is just as bad as sitting for long hours. In fact, it can have health consequences, especially for the back.


Working standing up and maintaining the same posture over time can end up producing problems such as sciatica, varicose veins, lower back pain, muscle fatigue in general, neck and shoulder stiffness, circulatory problems, as well as bunions, tendinitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, feet and swollen legs... For this reason, we recommend that you follow some tips that will help you cope better with your long working days.


Tips that will help you cope with a working day on your feet


Try to wear comfortable clothes, not too tight, that do not hinder circulation and oxygenation of the muscles. If you wear a uniform, make it as comfortable as possible.

The footwear to use is essential. Choose the footwear that best suits your needs. Not all footwear is valid for all trades or working conditions. Do not hesitate to consult the experts.

Choose a manufacturer specialized in work footwear, since their footwear will be designed and made based on criteria of comfort and ergonomics. These footwear, in addition to ensuring your comfort and well-being, are manufactured in compliance with existing regulations for safety, protection and uniform footwear.

The posture you maintain when standing for so long is also important. Force yourself to change supports on a regular basis, which will help reduce stress on your shoulders and back. Also try to maintain an upright position.

Avoid turning your back when performing tasks to the sides. Try to put your feet in the direction of the lateral task, keeping your body facing forward. Otherwise, over time, bad postures will become vitiated, which will end in pain in the back, legs or arms.

If you have to stay on your feet for a long time, several hours and days a week, do not stop moving and do as much physical activity as you can. As much as you can, combine standing with periods of sitting or walk for at least 5 minutes every 2 hours.

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