Increase the life and enjoyment of your Panter boots with the following tips for use, cleaning and maintenance.


Use tips


Check that the inside of the boots is always free of traces of dirt. It is recommended to shake or brush the interior, since small stones can damage your feet or the lining, possibly affecting waterproofing.

To enjoy extra comfort and make the most of the technical features of the boot, choosing the right sock is very important. These must have a good fit to the foot and flat seams to avoid friction with the skin. It is preferable that they are made of materials that help expel moisture, that are highly resistant and that have a certain level of padding. It is also important that you pay attention to its thermoregulatory capacity, do not neglect it.

When tying the laces, try to find the right level, the foot must be firmly adjusted inside the boot, but without too much pressure. Maintain good toe clearance and proper heel support.

The laces are treated to have a high resistance to abrasion and to not absorb moisture, which can make them a little more slippery than normal laces. To prevent the knot from coming untied, we recommend you tie a double knot.

Take spare socks with you for long rides or hot weather. It is convenient to change them regularly to favor the evacuation of sweat.

cleaning tips


Remove the insole and dry the shoe naturally. Never expose it directly to any heat source, this could damage it.

Once dry, brush the dirt inside and outside the boot.

If the outside of the boots is very dirty, wash it under a stream of lukewarm water with the help of a brush, removing the laces first. In case of extreme dirt you can also help yourself with a little neutral soap or a mixture of vinegar and water in equal parts. Apply waterproofing product after each wash to recover its waterproofing.

For hygienic reasons, it may also be advisable to occasionally wash the inside of the boot and the membrane. Remove the stencil and wash with a brush under warm running water.

Never use soap inside, and don't machine wash them either.

Once dry, store the boots in a dry and ventilated place. If they will not be used for a long period of time, you can insert crumpled paper balls to maintain the shape of the last.

Tips for skin maintenance and waterproofing


Natural leather or leather is a product that requires maintenance so as not to dry out and crack. Periodically apply nourishing cream for leather suitable for footwear with a membrane. The use of other products based on fats, oils or silicone can damage the skin's ability to breathe.

For the correct functioning of the waterproofing of the membrane, all the outer materials of our products have been subjected to a deep waterproofing process, but this water-repellent treatment is not eternal. Periodically apply water-repellent spray (fluorinated silicone compound) on the surface of the boot.

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