A well-supported shoe is essential to avoid possible accidents at work and outside of it. However, it is also important that the laces of our footwear are well passed so that, in addition to holding the foot well, it does not press it excessively. And it is that, with the arrival of heat, the feet can swell and be more sensitive to chafing, so it is more common to feel discomfort in the feet.


Here are different ways to pass the laces that can help you.


NOTE: The effectiveness of the technique of the past of the laces, can also depend, no longer on the way in which we develop it, but on the material of our laces, which must always be consistent and with high resistance to abrasion. Achieve better results with PANTER® professional use laces.


Instep pressure


If you feel pressure on the instep of your foot, you can use this way of passing the laces. Start passing the laces in a zig-zag pattern until you reach the instep area, then pass them through the ends, this way the instep will not be so trapped. Finally, finish by passing the laces in a zig-zag fashion.


Chafing at the ends


If it rubs against the ends of the foot, you can then pass the laces only through the ends, through the area of the toes, in this way they do not carry as much pressure. When you start with the instep area, pass the laces in a zig-zag pattern until you finish.


discomfort in the fingers


To avoid discomfort in the fingers and nails, you can use this way of passing the laces, which consists of crossing one of the laces diagonally from the area of the big toe to the end. With this the toe will rise a bit and the fingers will have more space. Continue threading the rest of the laces in the usual way.


loose heel


If we want to obtain greater support in the ankle area and release pressure on the foot, we can use this way of passing the laces. Pass the as usual until you reach the penultimate buttonhole. Pass the laces vertically to the last buttonhole. Cross the ends of these and pass them under the loop formed. To finish, make a knot to tie the shoe.


loose feeling


With this way of passing the laces, we will be able to prevent the foot from "dancing" and it will be more secure. First, zig-zag the laces to the middle of the foot, thread them twice through the same eyelet, and then thread the lace through the loop that is formed. To finish, continue passing the laces in a zig-zag fashion.


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