Staying dry during an intense work day was becoming more of a challenge. Faced with this need, Coolmax technology arose, applied to a multitude of garments, including work clothing and footwear.


Coolmax fabric is a polyester fiber that is characterized by considerably facilitating perspiration. Thanks to the capillary properties of its fiber, it manages to eliminate moisture from the body, transporting sweat to the outside.



The Coolmax® fabric helps to evaporate moisture and favors perspiration. It is made up of a special fiber, composed of four to six channels that generates a transport system capable of moving moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric. This system dries moisture faster and more effectively, while regulating body temperature through evaporative cooling.


Among the benefits of this fabric we can highlight:


Dries moisture faster than other fabrics by regulating body temperature

This fabric can be easily washed without damaging it.

The garment or footwear dries faster

As we have mentioned, this fabric is used for making work clothes and footwear, among others.


An example of a garment made with Coolmax fabric are the PANTER® technical socks and the COOLMAX OXIGENO Insoles:


- PANTER® technical socks


Medium cane sock made of Coolmax thermoregulatory fabric


Made to promote ventilation and activate foot circulation, performing a micromassage with each step.

Regulates foot temperature and achieves sweat evaporation.

It incorporates in its design different areas with meshes and elastics to facilitate its adjustment and favor the flexion of the foot. Avoid folds and chafing.

Antibacterial treatment, thus avoiding the formation of fungi, herpes, bacteria...


Anatomical thermoformed insole made of latex gel covered with COOLMAX fabric, which keeps the foot cool and dry. Its design has different padded areas and a rear cup to collect the soft parts of the heel. It also provides antistatic, antibacterial and antifungal properties.







In the catalog section of our website you can see all the models that use Coolmax fabric in their interior insoles.


These are the benefits that you can find in this wonderful fabric.

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Gel latex-based, anatomical and thermoformed, COOLMAX fabric-covered insole that maintains your feet fresh and dry. Its design includes several padded parts, among them, a rear pad to protect the heel area. Moreover, it presents  antistatic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
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