New Dauris Sporty S3 Negro ESD

PANTER® has made ultra-resistant safety boots possible, its name is Dauris Sporty S3 Black ESD and this novelty integrates the latest innovations developed by PANTER® and applied to its safety footwear, such as ARMOTEX® technology with Putek fabric that offers a great resistance to abrasion, which translates into a long useful life of the footwear.

Technologies used by the Dauris Sporty S3 Black ESD boot

This textile is 10 times more resistant to abrasion than any other high-performance material in extreme conditions. Its solidity lies in its composition based on a polyester core yarn covered by a layer of PU. This polymer film gives the polyester fiber a protection shield that guarantees its stability against external aggressions, withstanding strong traction without deforming and resisting abrasion and tearing.


ARMOTEX® is not affected by humidity either, because it is a waterproof and non-porous fabric, therefore it always remains dry and clean. And in addition to offering durability, it is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Due to its flexible nature, it has an excellent cushioning and elastic recovery capacity, adapting to the shape of the foot without deforming and providing total freedom of movement.


Other of its many main features are its bellows, its anti-rust hooks and its padded collar with high-density polyurethane foam that favors mobility and foot adjustment.


These safety boots integrate OPTIMAL SOLE, a technology that not only cushions the impact when walking but also helps drive the next step by optimizing the effort of the movement. It also ensures an optimal distribution of plantar pressures, decreased muscle fatigue, lower back pain, and less risk of injury. The secret of its flexibility, cushioning and its more than 75% energy return, lies in its innovative sole made of light, flexible, resistant and non-slip PU + PU (SRC).


Likewise, PANTER® incorporates nature-friendly materials into the Dauris Sporty S3 Black ESD, in line with its social and environmental commitment. This model integrates a 100% ecological and recyclable, removable, antibacterial, antistatic ESD and antifungal anatomical insole. On the other hand, it has the OEKO-TEX certificate that guarantees a garment free of substances that are harmful to people and the environment. And they are certified with the INESCOP Comfort and Functional seals that guarantee the comfort and functionality of the footwear.

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Ultra resistant safety boot with a modern sporty design. Incorporates the new ARMOTEX® technology, 10 times more resistant than current materials used in extreme conditions. Environmentally friendly manufacturing. VÍDEO - TECNOLOGÍA ARMOTEX    |    VÍDEO - NUEVA LÍNEA SPORTY
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