The two aspects to take into account when talking about special footwear for diabetics are comfort and adaptability to the shape of the foot.

A few weeks ago the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia published some very interesting recommendations for the correct choice of footwear by diabetics, and that is that, according to what they tell us, it is vitally important to choose the right footwear to prevent injuries and ulcerations that this pathology is associated.


For active diabetics (the number of diabetics in the European Union is estimated at 15 million) it is very hard to go to work every day when the footwear does not suit the lesions they have on their feet, and may even increase the problem, impairing its treatment and recovery.


PANTER, aware of the needs of diabetic people in their workplace, as well as workers who suffer from foot ailments or malformations that require any type of adaptation in their safety footwear, offers MEDICAL PANTER, designed and personalized to adapt completely to the specific ailment of each user, and which is manufactured always according to the criteria recommended by specialist podiatrists.


Characteristics of the MEDICAL PANTER Safety Footwear for the diabetic worker:


We minimize the seams inside the shoe, to prevent possible scratches or injuries to the foot.

The footwear has a very soft and padded special lining.

The velcro closure instead of laces allows a better fit to the instep of the foot.

  • The footwear is closed and in top quality natural grain leather, which is the one that offers the best benefits in terms of flexibility and perspiration.
  • It has a wide last design.
  • The sole incorporates PANTER Oxygen technology that helps reduce sweating and chafing caused by excess oxygen.
  • The sole favors walking. In addition, its patented ergonomic last maximizes the well-being of the user, reducing plantar pressure, fatigue and muscle pain. This last has been developed under strict scientific and biomechanical criteria, endorsed by the conclusions of the 1st Functional Study of Safety Footwear in Comfort and Ergonomics carried out by Panter in collaboration with INESCOP.
  • The Medical Panter are personalized and tailored safety shoes to treat the main ailments and conditions of the feet that prevent the use of standard professional footwear.
  • Always guided by the medical diagnosis and performing, where appropriate, a 3D digital scan of the foot for its perfect adaptation to each user.
  • This range of footwear is mainly focused on people who suffer from the following pathologies:
  • Dermatological problems: allergies, psoriasis, etc.
  • Podiatric problems: flat feet, cavus feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, polio, accident sequelae, claw toes...
  • Other medical problems: dysmetria, diabetic foot, etc.
  •   Here are two of the most requested models, the FRAGUA Velcro Plus Oxygen and DIAMANTE Velcro Plus Oxygen models. The Medical models may suffer variations with respect to the images shown due to the adaptations that must be made to each pathology.



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