The favorite safety footwear of Efe one Joaquín, the most famous YouTuber in the world of DIY in Spain

Efe one Joaquín, shares his four favorite models of Panter® safety footwear:

1. Forza Sporty: Lightness, Flexibility and Comfort in Every Step

Topping the list, Joaquín praises the Forza Sporty S3 ESD model with its sporty anti-fatigue design, highlighting its extraordinary lightness, comfort and flexibility for daily use.

It offers maximum protection at work thanks to its anti-impact aluminum toe cap resistant to 200J and its flexible and light textile anti-perforation insole resistant to 1100 N.

Its comfort is guaranteed by the Comfort and Functional seals issued by Inescop that guarantee its comfort and also has Armotex technology that offers footwear resistance 10 times greater than current materials, used in extreme conditions.

2. Vita Eco: Sustainability and Comfort in Harmony

Joaquín, impressed by Panter's involvement in caring for the environment, highlights the sustainability of the Vita Eco model, which offers an environmental solution to contribute to the reduction of plastic packaging in seas and oceans.

This footwear is not only sustainable, since it is made with recycled fabric from PET plastic bottles, but it is very comfortable footwear. It has obtained the Comfort and Functional seals from Inescop that guarantee its comfort and its Ecomemory insole is highlighted by Joaquín for its great thickness and adaptability to the user's foot.

Joaquín highlights this footwear for carrying out tasks such as tiling for its reinforced toe cap that protects this area most exposed to bumps and scratches.

Vita Eco S3 promises comfort, lightness and cushioning.

 3. Voltio: Total Protection against Electrical Risks

For those workers who face electrical risks, Joaquín highlights the Voltio safety boot. Equipped with a comfortable and very resistant electricity insulating sole.

The boot is made of high-quality natural grain leather, without metal components and with a padded anti-scratch collar that protects the ankle from possible blows.

It incorporates the High2Out membrane, waterproof and breathable, which prevents water from entering the interior of the shoe, while allowing the foot to breathe naturally.

Another component to highlight is its special reinforcement in the bridge of the sole to prevent slips and dangerous falls when working on stairs. The Voltio boot is one of the best options for working with electricity because it not only protects the user but also provides the highest performance in comfort and ergonomics.

4. Texas Plus: Resistance and Durability.

For those jobs in industry that require very resistant footwear, Joaquín tells us about the Texas Plus boot, a safety boot that combines resistance, quality and breathability.

This boot stands out for its top-quality split leather finish and its ergonomic, extra-wide last that offers greater space inside the shoe.

It has a 200J anti-impact toe cap and a steel anti-perforation sole. The sole is resistant to oils and hydrocarbons and its anti-torsion design offers the user greater stability. It also has a padded collar that protects the ankle from bumps and possible scratches and a comfort tongue with a bellows-type opening.

These four Panter models not only meet the most demanding safety and quality standards, but have also earned the respect and approval of Joaquín, the influential DIY YouTuber in Spain.

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