Under the slogan "Currantes Panter", PANTER® has launched a campaign in which, through testimonials from real people, it gives a voice to different workers who, from their own words and life experiences, express what work means to them. . People who have made their lives their work, because "behind each PANTER® worker there is a great story that deserves to be told."

PANTER® is the brand of workers because it has accompanied a large number of people in our country for many years, serving as work and safety footwear. It is the example of workers like Ferre, a firefighter; Noelia, cook; or Pepe, viticulturist. Professions that demand demanding, professional design footwear that takes care of their health.

These are just some of the protagonists of the stories in which PANTER® has immersed itself to give a voice to workers, in videos where they share their day-to-day work, their motivations for getting up every morning, their personal history and what it means for them have an ally at their feet like PANTER®, which protects them at all times.


Ferre, Alicante Provincial Council Firefighter: "When the alarm goes off, every second counts”

And it is that the stories of Ferre, Noelia and Pepe... are, at the same time, ordinary and extraordinary. Like that of all the workers in our country. Ferre, before being a firefighter, did many things: he worked on the construction site, in removals, making furniture... However, the idea of being a firefighter caught on and he ended up passing the exams for the corps. Whether it is to act in rescues, fires or meteorological disasters, Ferre and his colleagues take less than a minute to get on the truck and equip themselves with all the necessary protection elements to minimize possible damage.

In his case, the shoe model is the Troza, the special intervention boot for forest brigades, rescue and extinction tasks. Made of waterproof, breathable, fire-resistant, tear-resistant and traction-resistant natural grain leather. In the words of the professional protagonist of the video, “you are exposed to danger, to having an accident, the moment you get on the truck. That is why when it comes to intervening you have to be well equipped, with a non-slip shoe that protects your feet. In any factory, in any house, the ground is on fire”.

Noelia, Chef of Cachito Restaurant: "That the client enjoys, is my happiness."

Noelia reflects on her work in her grandmother, who already used sarmiento firewood as fuel to prepare the dishes that fed, and continue to do so, different generations of the same family, and all those who visit her restaurant. Noelia is known in the kitchen sector for being “the chef of the fire”. And she is clear about what her main ambition is. "Making others happy through my cooking is the goal of my work." Together with her sister, she is the fourth generation of the Cachito family that is dedicated to being in the kitchen. "We are a family of workers because they have instilled in us such important values as perseverance, work and fighting every day."

In her case, the shoe model is the Lúpulo S2, a boot specially designed for use in the food industry, cleaning, laboratories and healthcare, designed in antimicrobial white microfiber, ergonomic and with a self-adjusting velcro closure. These boots offer extraordinary stability on slippery surfaces (SRC marking), and provide extra protection in terms of hygiene and health, as they are made with Vibatech technology, currently the only footwear technology that accelerates the disappearance of viruses and bacteria. up to 99% in just 6 hours. Its permanent active principle of inorganic nature remains in the footwear throughout its useful life, without migrating or disappearing after washing, unlike other organic antimicrobial technologies.


Pepe, Winemaker Bodega Rodríguez de Vera: "Since I was little I wanted to dedicate myself to the world of wine"

Pepe enjoys having turned his passion for the world of wine into his way of life. In his vineyard, cleaning the grapes that are going to be processed or filling barrels with his equipment, he can be found very early in his cellar. He enjoys all phases of production, from selecting the vine varieties he plants to traveling the world promoting his wines. Twelve years ago, Pepe took advantage of the good consideration of the grape that his family had been cultivating for seven generations to make his first wine. His story began in a garage, making his own homemade wine, today he is a consolidated oenologist who strives to make his way pampering his plots, as well as the processes, to extract wines with unique nuances, ensuring a personality of its own for each of the wines. that elaborates

In his case, the shoe model is the Caloxa, technical boots perfect for working outdoors, made of natural split leather. This super comfortable and highly resistant boot provides extraordinary durability as well as excellent grip, stability, and cushioning. They are a fantastic recommendation for horticulture, gardening, crops in a natural environment, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable packaging...etc. It is an all-rounder on the feet with which to face the day comfortably and safely.

Sebas, Professor of Mechanics at the Polytechnic Institute of Alicante: "Today I am a professor and I would not change it for anything in the world."

Sebas is a FP teacher and admits that he is very excited that some of his students decide to follow in his footsteps. "I love being with the kids and teaching them what I experienced years ago." His experience in workshops and large factories in the steel industry have given Sebas keys to teach the job to tomorrow's workers. Under his supervision, they give Their first steps with industrial machinery They mold their first parts with turning machines, but they also discover the importance of having perfectly marked shelves where both materials and finished parts are stored.

The hours that Sebas spent turning cylinders or creating molds gave him the experience that he now shares with his students. The first lesson that he teaches, and to which he acknowledges that he dedicates a lot of intensity, is everything related to protection and prevention, essential when working with industrial machinery. Sebas is clear that at work he does not risk it, and that is why he trusts the Fragua Plus S3 model to avoid possible blows and chip projections. This is one of Panter's most versatile models, ideal for multiple professions; industry, installers, industrial maintenance, mechanics, construction, mining... etc. They are made of highly resistant and durable materials. They comply with the technical regulations on safety footwear and the most demanding quality controls.


Marga, nougat artisan: "I like my job, that's why every year I make nougat again."

There is a lot of effort behind each nougat tablet, especially if it is made by hand as it happens in the workshop of the factory where Marga works. Surrounded by honey and almonds and to the rhythm set by the boix, mechanical mortars that are essential in the production of nougat, a profession develops whose objective is to bring the best product to our tables to sweeten the moments we share at Christmas.

Marga has been working for more than 40 years, the last 17 making nougat. A job where she has found her place, in which she feels very comfortable and enjoys being surrounded by her professional colleagues. People who, like Marga, dedicate three months a year to keeping a way of making nougat alive. Margarita works comfortably and safely with the Fragua Velcro Totale S2 Blanco model, an antimicrobial white boot, made of water-repellent 1st grain natural leather, with an adjustable closure. Especially intended for use by the food industry. Sole with special non-slip design. With Vibatech technology.

Discover the testimonials of more hard workers at: https://www.panter.es/currantes/

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