At just 4 or 5 years old, Roque discovered his love for agriculture. The daily work he does in the fields is the result of observing and imitating what his family did in the past. What he started with a small garden in his childhood applying what the elders taught him, has led him to spend his whole life surrounded by crops. Something that our worker loves.

Over the years, Roque has learned that the satisfaction he feels at the end of the day is second to none. Despite getting up every day at 6, not having Saturdays or Sundays or not knowing the word “vacation”, as he says, his work means everything to him.

"At 6 we are already up, we prepare if the work he has to do is machinery, we prepare the machinery, we control the levels of the tractor, of the oil, everything so that everything is in good condition."

"We use a lot of equipment depending on the work that we are going to carry out. It is always important to wear good work boots. There are times when now, for example, we work with boxes with trunks that we carry, they are heavy and if by bad luck you it falls on top of the foot because if you don't wear a suitable shoe then you can have some little problem”.

Roque works safely and takes care of his health with Caloxa

Caloxa O2 verde

· Made of premium quality and thick split leather, combined with Cordura fabric highly resistant to abrasion and extraordinary breathability. OEKO-TEX® certified, free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment.

· Perfect for long walks in nature or outdoor work

· Anti-torsion sole designed for rough terrain in nitrile rubber resistant to high temperatures (300ºC). Effective insulator of cold and extreme heat. Adherent to all kinds of surfaces, it provides traction and stability. Resistant to oils and hydrocarbons.

· Optimal Sole Technology gives this model incredible cushioning and stability. With it, Panter® has revolutionized the sector, manufacturing the most comfortable professional footwear on the market, with a notable reduction in weight, as well as taking advantage of the cushioning in the first step to drive the next step. It offers optimal distribution of plantar pressures, reduction of muscle fatigue and reduction of possible lumbar pain.

·Thermoformed, antibacterial and antistatic insole that provides great comfort and relaxation to the foot.

· Oversized ankle protection with anti-chafing padding.

· Anti-fatigue footwear.

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Technical boot, perfect for long walks in the nature or working in forests, made in natural split leather.
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