After starting at the age of 15 in the professional world in various jobs that he did not quite like, Pepe discovered locksmithing thanks to a relative and something new was born in him, he felt that it was what he liked. It is a hard and risky job, as he tells us, which is learned over time with interest, care and a desire to work.


For the majority it is going to the gym, having a beer, going home to rest... For Pepe, the moment of disconnection is the extra hour that he does at work. Pepe has a great team and works with full confidence, organization and respect with his colleagues, but when he is left alone, he enjoys the relaxation that fire, cutting and sparks bring him and the next day he is the first to arrive again to the enterprise.


“This job is a really tough job, it is a job that you don't learn in a year or two…You have to be very interested and then at the same time be very careful because it is a job that you work with cutting machines, you work with welding that has the risk of burning you, you can never get lost”.


"Protection in this job is fundamental, if you do not wear safety equipment you practically have 100% risk of having an accident or getting injured, especially the basics are footwear, here an iron can fall on you and you you can step on a foot well because we move material that is heavy. It has the toe cap that often prevents us from being stepped on by a beam or a piece of metal falling on our feet and crushing us. Thanks to the components of this boot we have 100% security”.


“I consider myself a hard worker because I am the first to come and open the company, I am the last to leave and also close. I consider that the team that I have are also good workers because they are not lazy when it comes to working, they always give 100% and we consider ourselves, I think not only me, the entire staff considers us real hard workers.

Pepe works safely and takes care of his health with Fragua Velcro® Plus S3

Fragua Velcro® Plus S3

· Anti-fatigue footwear.


· Made of 1st quality water-repellent natural grain leather, chosen for its quality, resistance and breathable capacity.


· Ergonomic and extra wide last, which offers a special width and great stability.


· Specially reinforced sole, anti-torsion design, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons, longer duration and resistance.


· Optimal Sole Technology gives this model incredible cushioning and stability. With it, Panter® has revolutionized the sector, manufacturing the most comfortable professional footwear on the market, with a notable reduction in weight, as well as taking advantage of the cushioning in the first step to drive the next step. It offers optimal distribution of plantar pressures, reduction of muscle fatigue and reduction of possible lumbar pain.


· Impact resistant plastic toe cap up to 200 Joules (Maximum Certification). Super light, comfortable, ergonomic and insulating against electricity, it provides a true barrier, being an effective protector of blows on the fingers without imprisoning them, thanks to its elastic memory that recovers its shape after impact.


· Anti-perforation textile plant resistant to 1100 N, with a result of 0 mm. to drilling. Extraordinarily flexible and light, which facilitates mobility at all times. Provides total protection, since it covers 100% of the plantar surface, while allowing maximum flexibility of the sole, adapting without rigidity to the natural shape of the foot. Manufactured with special high tenacity fibers that give it excellent resistance to perforation. A breakthrough in comfort and protection.


· Inner insole made of latex foam with special ventilation and very comfortable.


· Oversized outer tongue, extra anti-spark protection.


· 3M reflective, rear and side (interior and exterior), with certified retroreflection.


· Oversized ankle protection with anti-chafing padding.


· Inner lining with high resistance to rubbing, which keeps sweat away from contact with the foot.


· Contact closure with adjustable Velcro® industrial textile band and interior drawstring.

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Safety boot produced with high-resistance and durable materials. Ergonomic and extra-wide last which offers special width and unparalleled stability.
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