After starting his studies in vocational training and working in different factories, Óscar is now an electrician who gets up every day with enthusiasm to work in his own workshop. Although it was something that made him dizzy, looking ahead has always made him get to where he is now, something that he would not change for anything.

Óscar is a true hard worker and says that embarking on a project is not always easy. In his workshop they have had to face large and very diverse jobs that would not have finished without his spirit of improvement. For this reason, whatever comes his way, he is clear about one thing: "you always have to push forward".

  “To this day, whenever a project has come our way, however big it may be or very different, what we have been doing, since we are that hard-working, we have pushed forward with it. The study has been carried out and in the end it has been executed and to date we have not had any problems nor do we have to regret having made such a decision. In the end you realize what you are, a hard worker”.

"The issue of safety in our work is very important, think that there are times when we have to touch elements that have tension, we have to wear gloves when the situation requires it, we wear a helmet, footwear is very important, we can crush ourselves, sprains when we are in some fault we have to climb poles, we have to climb towers, we need to go isolated. If we receive a discharge at the end, the place where the current seeks to exit will always be contact with the ground, with the earth, so having a good insulating shoe is what will protect us the most from this type of accident.

Óscar trabaja seguro y cuida su salud con Voltio SB/SBP

Voltio SB/SBP

· Safety boots for electricians with electrical insulation, very resistant and durable. Manufactured free of metallic components in water-repellent 1st grain Nobuck leather.

· Anti-fatigue footwear.

  · Developed according to the EN ISO 50321 STANDARD, specific for insulating footwear against the passage of current.

· Safety footwear with certified non-metallic anti-impact toe cap, extra wide and resistant to 200 Joules, and with a non-metallic textile anti-perforation sole.

· Electrically insulating insole, resistant to abrasion and wear.

· Ergonomic, it fits perfectly to the foot with extraordinary comfort, flexibility and stability.

· Anti-torsion sole, resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. It has a special reinforcement on the bridge to carry out work on stairs.

· Ecological, waterproof and breathable Sympatex High2Out membrane.

· “OPTIMAL SOLE” technology. Greater lightness, stability and use of the cushioning in the entry step to drive the next step.

· Oversized ankle protection with anti-chafing padding. Comfort tab closure, bellows and quick lacing lacing system.

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Highly resistant and durable, metal-free safety boot intended for electricians owing to its electrical insulating properties. Top quality, extra thick waterproof full grain leather. VÍDEO - BOTA VOLTIO SBP/SB MARRÓN   |    VÍDEO - TECNOLOGÍA SYMPATEX
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