Nerea, Dower

With a stevedore grandfather and a stevedore father, Nerea has been a stevedore since she was 18 years old. It is because he is passionate about his work and because he feels a special bond with the port and because despite the complications of schedules, the total availability that he has to offer to work, 365 days a year and the difficulties of day to day, She is fulfilling a dream.

As a child, Nerea went one day to give her father a sandwich, who was driving a large machine in the port. She was impressed when she saw him and from that day on she could not get it out of her mind, until she decided to be a stevedore. She now, she drives that machine that her father used to drive one day and she is proud to work in each of the functions that she develops in the port.

"You have to be available 365 days a year, there are no set routines, there are no schedules, you have to feel a special bond with the port to enjoy this job as I do."

“Here you have to be aware of absolutely everything, you have to have a thousand eyes because it no longer depends on you, the simple fact that you are walking and maybe you neglect yourself for a moment, your partner does not see you, he is driving a huge machine, here you have to be aware of everything. To work in the port, yes or yes, you have to wear gloves, especially safety boots, it is very important to wear them, any small piece, no matter how small it may seem to you, can fall on your foot, if you do not wear the right footwear you will you can be left without a foot You have to be very careful not only with what you are seeing, you have to trust a lot in the partner next to you”.

“I consider that we are hard workers because we are capable of carrying out any of the functions that are carried out in a port, we do not only do one thing, we do many. When you arrive at work every day you have to be prepared to do any type of function”.

Nerea works safely and takes care of her health with Forza Sporty S3 Gris ESD

Forza Sporty S3 Gris ESD

· Anti-fatigue footwear.

· Recyclable footwear.

· Manufactured in ARMOTEX® technological textile with PUTEK fabric. Breathable and water-repellent (WRU). Very high resistance to abrasion, daily use and tearing. 10 times more resistant than current materials used in extreme conditions. Tested according to EN 388:2016 Standard.

· OEKO-TEX certified. The fabrics used to make this footwear are free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment.

· Sole made of light, flexible, resistant and non-slip PU + PU (SRC).

· “OPTIMAL SOLE” technology. Greater lightness, stability and use of the cushioning in the entry step to drive the next step.

· Super light, ergonomic and comfortable 200J anti-impact aluminum safety toe cap.

· Flexible and light 1100N textile anti-perforation sole, made with special fibers that give it excellent resistance to perforation, covering 100% of the plantar surface and resulting in 0mm perforation.

· 100% ecological and recyclable anatomical insole. Removable, antibacterial, antistatic ESD and antifungal.

· ESD footwear. Protection against electrostatic charges.

· Comfort and Functional seals Guarantee the comfort and functionality of the footwear.

· Padded ARMOTEX® technological fabric tongue. Breathable and water-repellent (WRU). It incorporates a textile loop on the upper part that provides stability, support and comfort.

· Padded collar with high-density polyurethane foam that favors mobility and adjustment of the foot.

· Hypoallergenic foamed textile inner lining with high abrasion resistance, moisture absorbent and highly breathable.

· Rubberized leather reinforcement on the heel, provides more stability, support and comfort.

· Closure system using ecological and water-repellent laces.

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Ultra resistant safety footwear with a modern sporty design. Incorporates the new ARMOTEX® technology, 10 times more resistant than current materials used in extreme conditions. Environmentally friendly manufacturing. VÍDEO - TECNOLOGÍA ARMOTEX    |    VÍDEO - NUEVA LÍNEA SPORTY
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