Responsible for the safety of more than 100 people, in an activity classified as dangerous such as the quarry and a medium full of difficulties, María José is a great worker. She is a technical engineer, and despite the complexity of her work, she feels very comfortable and is passionate about it.

  There are times when María José has to meet very demanding objectives that even she herself is surprised to be able to overcome. But this would not be possible without her performance and her desire that she puts into what she does with herself, which becomes a very rewarding experience for her that makes her very proud of her.

"The day to day here in a quarry is different, every day we are in a very changing environment in which, well, difficulties and problems arise, you arrive in the morning and you consider a series of actions of tasks of things to do".

“I consider myself a hard-working person because in the end, working in an environment like this, either you are a hard worker or here we go, you can't take it easily. Our work in the exploitation of quarries, well, it is still a mining activity, the worker must be protected from the helmet, to work clothes and footwear. Footwear is very important, the pavement on which we move is uneven so it has to be a specific shoe with high S3 protection…especially ankle protection to avoid sprains”.

María José works safely and takes care of her health with Monza S3 Negro

Monza S3 Negro

· Made of 1st quality water-repellent natural grain leather, chosen for its quality, resistance and breathable capacity. OEKO-TEX® certified, free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment.

Protection and comfort for the whole day.

· PU+TPU sole that improves grip, traction, cushioning and flexibility.

· Optimal Sole Technology gives this model incredible cushioning and stability. With it, Panter® has revolutionized the sector, manufacturing the most comfortable professional footwear on the market, with a notable reduction in weight, as well as taking advantage of the cushioning in the first step to drive the next step. It offers optimal distribution of plantar pressures, reduction of muscle fatigue and reduction of possible lumbar pain.

· Thermoformed insole, Panter TRI-TEC technology.

· Anti-impact plastic toe cap (200J) and anti-perforation textile sole (1100N).

· Abrasion resistant thermoregulatory lining.

· Energy absorption in the heel.

· Quick lacing system without eyelets.

· Padded comfort tongue.

· Anti-fatigue footwear.

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Safety boot with shoelaces, maximum comfort and wellness, developed with Premium Materials. Appealing look and innovative design, suitable for use both in and out of the workplace.
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