Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot ailments and is seen in both men and women.

The plantar fascia is a band of elastic tissue located on the sole of the foot, which cushions the impact that occurs when walking. Submitting the sole of the foot to repeated pressure, such as working on terrain with steep slopes or uneven surfaces, sports, excess weight or inappropriate footwear, with too soft soles or poor support of the plantar arch or heel, can damage it. .


Fortunately,Medical Panter footwear has the right insoles to solve most cases that have to do with plantar fasciitis. It is highly advisable that those workers who present some type of pain or puncture in the feet when carrying out their work go to the specialist as soon as possible, so that they can make an accurate diagnosis and indicate the treatment to follow.


Plantar fasciitis can be caused by a defect in the curvature of the sole of the foot, such as flat feet, pes cavus, or pes valgus. To find out what type of foot you have, you must undergo a footprint study. This study can diagnose any of the disorders caused by the weakening of the ligaments that support the plantar fascia:




Flat feet is a condition that consists of the lack of a plantar arch. According to the Spanish Association of Podiatric Surgery (AECP), this malformation is one of the most frequent and affects around 20 percent of the Spanish population. Although most cases of flat feet do not cause discomfort, some people with this disorder may develop inflammation of the fascia due to overuse of the foot, which results in an intense sensation of pain.


pes cavus


Pes cavus is a foot with an excess arch in the plantar fascia. The person who presents this type of deformation does not leave traces of the central part of the sole or of the fingers. This deformity is not as common as flat feet, however, it presents a great danger of leading to other major disorders and can also cause pain.


You should go to the specialist as soon as possible to specify your diagnosis, as soon as any type of pain or puncture appears in the heel or plantar arch area, since it may have its origin in a neuromuscular condition.


foot worth


It is characterized by the lateral deviation of the heel that looks out and may be associated with flat feet. The plantar arch decreases and the load is shifted to the midfoot area. This disorder is one of the greatest dangers of destructuring other body mechanisms that can lead to fasciitis, bunions or knee arthritis. This deformation is one of the major causes of injuries and overloads, and demonstrates the fact that problems on the sole of the foot affect the balance of the entire body.

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