Experts say that adults with flat feet are more prone to knee pain due to the impact that each step generates on it.

One in four adults have flat feet, making them more prone to chronic knee pain. 75% of those diagnosed are women.


According to experts from the ICOPCV (Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community) the main reason for chronic knee pain is this well-known pathology that entails a deviation of the forefoot and heel axis, altering the relationship of the foot bones and weakening the mechanical structure of the entire lower extremity.


Early detection and the use of appropriate treatments in each case are essential to avoid future discomfort and a progressive deterioration of gait, highlights the ICOPCV.


These same experts point out that adults with flat feet are more likely than those with a pronounced arch to suffer chronic knee pain due to the impact that each step produces on the joint, indicating that the use of personalized insoles is one of the best alternatives. of treatment, since they allow to compensate the tread and normalize the march.


Arthritis, osteoarthritis or suffering from some type of neurological disorder, over time, can end up generating a flat foot, which will surely be accompanied by discomfort in the lower extremities, pain when taking long walks, problems standing for a long time or even lead to functional impotence of the foot.


In the event of any of the above symptoms, PANTER recommends going to the podiatrist as soon as possible to be examined and correctly diagnosed by the specialist, who will indicate the best treatment in each case.


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