Facing extreme cold and adverse weather conditions demands adequate protection, especially when walking on ice, frost, or snow, situations that can turn every step into a potential danger. Aware of these challenges, PANTER® has developed a practical solution to provide users with the confidence and security necessary to make facing these terrains a possible and safe mission.

PANTER® Adjustable Crampons: Firm Steps in Extreme Conditions

Walking on icy and snowy terrain is now safer with PANTER® adjustable crampons. These innovative crampons, designed to offer control on unstable surfaces, stand out for their flexibility, lightness, resistance and ease of installation in any type of footwear, whether safety boots, urban shoes or sports sneakers.

The use of PANTER® Crampons is not only limited to the field of occupational safety, but also covers everyday activities. From workers to winter sports enthusiasts or those who simply enjoy walks outdoors, PANTER® adjustable crampons are a versatile solution for everyone.

The mesh structure that wraps the foot, combined with metal clips at the bottom, offers exceptional grip, securing the foot securely on icy and snowy terrain. Unlike other options on the market, PANTER® crampons offer a versatile, comfortable and effective solution for tackling challenging winter conditions.

Highlights of PANTER® crampons:

1. Simple installation: Its versatile design and flexible material allow easy installation in any type of footwear, eliminating the need for heavy or cumbersome equipment and facilitating its use at any time. They can be stored and transported easily thanks to the case where they are stored.

2. Exceptional grip: The combination of the mesh structure and metal clips provides exceptional grip on icy and snowy terrain, providing confidence with every step, and reducing the risk of falls and injuries in various daily activities.

3. Lightness and comfort: Designed to be lightweight, PANTER® crampons offer comfort during long walks or work days, without sacrificing strength or comfort.

4. Unrestricted Flexibility: The engineering behind the crampons ensures natural mobility, allowing users to adapt effortlessly to any surface.

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