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There are professions whose high level of activity requires footwear capable of providing the user with maximum performance and comfort during their workday.

The footwear with which you surely spend more hours a day is your work footwear and therefore you must give it the importance it deserves. The feet are the sustenance of the musculoskeletal system and healthy footwear will help take care of it.

The Panter® brand Silex Link boot is a more than successful option for those cases.

Developed under the 1st Functional Study in Comfort and Ergonomics, this model ensures optimal distribution of plantar pressures on the entire plantar surface, prevents injuries to the musculoskeletal chain and allows correct ankle mobility without losing support. A shoe with Panter® Ergonomic technology that has been tested for stability, comfort and performance through exhaustive biomechanical tests.

On the other hand, Panter® Optimal Sole technology, an innovative sole formulation with greater cushioning and energy return, absorbs energy in the heel and prevents muscle fatigue by transforming the kinetic energy of each step into momentum for the next.

Silex Link Boot

This anti-fatigue footwear is available in a wide manufacturing sizing with ergonomic lasts adapted to the physiognomy of the female and male foot.

The boot is made of top quality natural grain leather and is easy to clean and maintain in optimal condition. It has oversized ankle protection and anti-scratch padding. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate ensures that the fabrics used to make this footwear are free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment.

When we talk about purchasing safety footwear, it is important to consider the risks that work activity entails and opt for an appropriate level of protection.

The Panter® Silex Link S3 model incorporates an anti-impact plastic safety toe cap, resistant to 200 Joules and an anti-perforation textile sole, resistant to 1100N. It is a shoe with the highest level of non-slip SRC and insulation from cold (CI) and heat (HI) for the sole.

Maximum performance in work footwear for delivery men, messengers, replenishers, assemblers, engineers, maintenance, supervisors and carriers, among others.

At Panter® we take care of your feet, so that you can enjoy life.

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Ergonomic, flexible and lightweight safety boot with a modern design and fastening system via shoelaces.


Ergonomic, flexible and lightweight safety boot with a modern design and fastening system via shoelaces.
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