Wearing comfortable shoes that offer us adequate support is essential, especially if we work in professions related to the hospitality industry, in which on many occasions the resistance of feet and legs is put to the limit, not to mention other parts of the body such as the spine. vertebral that can also suffer. And it is that tasks as common as the transport of trays, the movement of tables and chairs or the loading of barrels or containers can take their toll over time if proper footwear is not used.


Another detail that should not be neglected in this professional footwear is that it has a sole made of non-slip material since on many occasions you walk on wet or slippery surfaces with water or spilled oil, which can cause falls and unpleasant scares or even an accident. serious job.


Recommended Panter® footwear:

Sandro O2 Negro BSK Negro / Sandro O2 Blanco BSK Blanco


Made of soft, top-quality natural leather that is water-repellent, breathable and easy to clean, and due to its current design and discreet colors, it is very easy to match the clothing of any hospitality business. Its Ultralight sole made of ultralight material offers unmatched comfort as it adapts to the natural shape of the foot, being especially resistant to wear and slipping (SRC marking).


Its interior is made of foamed textiles, with a soft touch and high resistance to abrasion. It has a thermoformed insole made of Coolmax fabric, antistatic, antibacterial and antifungal. On the other hand, its padded collar and tongue provide stability and support, and increase the sensation of comfort. In addition, it is a shoe that respects people and the environment, this is validated by its OEKO-TEX certificate that guarantees its preparation free of harmful substances.

Zagros O2/S2 Negro / Zagros O2/S2 Blanco


Developed under the EN ISO 20345 standard in state-of-the-art OEKO-TEX® certified microfiber, whose water-repellent behavior against liquids and aggressive agents (acids, oils, animal and vegetable fats, whey, blood, brackish water...) has shown greater resistance to wear and degradation than natural grain leather. The union of the fabric that makes up the microfiber is very firm, avoiding the "flaking" of the outer layer. 100% breathable and disinfectable. Washable in an autoclave and washing machine up to 60ºC.


• Footwear with VIBATECH® additives. Antimicrobial that accelerates the disappearance of viruses and bacteria to 99% in just 6 hours. Effective against viruses such as SARS-COV-2 and against more than 50 different species of bacteria including Campylobacter, Legionella and Listeria. Unlike other organic antimicrobial technologies, it remains active for the entire life of the shoe.


• Super light PU+TPU Hidrogrip sole, shock absorbing and highly resistant to fats and oils. Manufactured from a polymeric material of the latest trend with high lightness and flexibility. In addition, its grip on surfaces is extraordinary, since it has demonstrated a very high anti-slip coefficient (SRC marking). It has high resistance to hydrolysis (degradation caused by humidity), abrasion and aggressive substances such as oils and hydrocarbons. In addition, its special ribbed drawing prevents the accumulation of dirt.


• It incorporates the ergonomic last patented by PANTER that maximizes the well-being of the user, reducing plantar pressure, fatigue and muscle pain. This last has been developed under strict scientific and biomechanical criteria, endorsed by the conclusions of the 1st Functional Study of Safety Footwear in Comfort and Ergonomics carried out by PANTER in collaboration with INESCOP, with certificate No. I-13070356.


• Optimal Sole Technology gives this model incredible cushioning and stability. With it, PANTER has revolutionized the sector, manufacturing the most comfortable professional footwear on the market, with a notable reduction in weight, as well as taking advantage of the cushioning in the entry step to promote the next step. It offers optimal distribution of plantar pressures, reduction of muscle fatigue and reduction of possible lumbar pain.


• Ergonomic, lightweight, anti-impact (200 J) plastic toe cap that does not conduct electricity. Its elastic memory allows an easy and fast recovery of the form after the impact. In addition, it has an exterior PU reinforcement on the toe that extends the useful life of the shoe.


• Antibacterial and antistatic insole that provides great comfort and relaxation to the foot.


• Padded collar that allows optimal mobility while avoiding chafing.


• Foamed textile lining, highly absorbent, breathable and abrasion resistant.


• Internal closure adjustable by contact using high-performance industrial VELCRO®.

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Antimicrobial moccasin shoe made of black microfiber with self-adjustable closure for quickly putting on or taking off. Especially intended for use in food, cleaning, laboratories, healthcare, etc. VÍDEO - TECNOLOGÍA PANTER VIBATECH     |    VÍDEO - ¿QUÉ ES PANTER VIBATECH?           
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