My work is what really gives me life.

foto herrero Currante

After starting out in the professional world at the age of 15 in various jobs that he didn't quite like, Pepe discovered locksmithing thanks to a family member and something new was born in him, he felt that it was what he liked. It is a hard and risky job, as he tells us, that is learned over time with interest, care and a great desire to work.

The more I work, the more it fulfills me.

For most it is going to the gym, having a beer, coming home to rest... For Pepe, the moment of disconnection is the extra hour he works at work. Pepe has a great team and works with full confidence, organization and respect with his colleagues, but when he is alone, he enjoys the relaxation that fire, cutting and sparks bring him and the next day he is again the first to arrive to the enterprise.

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