There is nothing more satisfying than fixing something that doesn't work.

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After beginning his studies in vocational training and working in different factories, Óscar is now an electrician who gets up every day with enthusiasm to work in his own workshop. Although it was something that made him dizzy, looking forward has always made him get to where he is now, something he wouldn't change for anything.

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The challenges are great, but the pride is greater.

Óscar says that embarking on a project is not always easy. In his workshop they have had to face large and very diverse jobs that would not have been completed without his spirit of self-improvement. Therefore, whatever comes, Óscar is clear about one thing: “you always have to move forward.”

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Modelo Troza - Panter

Safety boot for electricians with electrical insulation, very resistant and durable. Made free of metal components in 1st quality extra thick water-repellent natural grain leather. It is specific for current-insulating footwear (STANDARD EN ISO 50321).

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