The safety of my team is the most important thing. They are my family.

foto Bombero Currante

Responsible for the safety of more than 100 people, in an activity classified as dangerous as the quarry and an environment full of difficulties, María José is a great worker. She is a technical mining engineer, and despite the complexity of her work, she feels very comfortable and is passionate about it.

I like what I do and I feel comfortable.

There are times when María José has to meet very demanding objectives that even she herself is surprised to be able to overcome. But this would not be possible without her performance and the desire that she puts into what she does, which becomes a very rewarding experience for her that makes her very proud.

Modelo Troza - Panter

Safety boot with maximum comfort and well-being, made of 1st quality water-repellent natural grain leather. It offers ergonomics, flexibility and traction, and has an anti-impact plastic toe cap and anti-perforation textile sole.

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