I like my job, that's why every year I make nougat again.

foto Turronera Currante

There is a lot of effort behind each nougat tablet, especially if it is made by hand as it happens in the factory workshop where Marga works. Surrounded by honey and almonds and to the rhythm set by the boix, fundamental mechanical mortars in the production of nougat, a profession is developed that aims to bring the best product to our tables to sweeten the moments we share at Christmas.

Imagen del turrón de Alicante - Currante Panter

When you make nougat it is very satisfying to think about the person who will later eat it.

They are not superheroes, they are workers qualified to face any risky situation and with great confidence in their functioning as a team. And the fire department is like a big family. In the long 24-hour shifts, they always live together actively, always attentive to the alarm that signals the exit to a new emergency.

Turronera - Currante Panter
Modelo Fragua Velcro - Panter

White antimicrobial boot, made of water-repellent 1st grain natural leather, with adjustable closure. Especially intended for use by the food industry. Sole with special non-slip design.

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