When the alarm rings every second counts.

foto Bombero Currante

Whether to act in rescues, fires or meteorological disasters, it takes Josep Lluis and his colleagues less than a minute to get on the truck and equip themselves with all the necessary protection elements to minimize possible damage. The job of a firefighter is not routine. There is always the uncertainty of what they will find, but they have plans to act in a coordinated and effective manner in every eventuality.

It takes Josep Lluis and his companions less than a minute to get on the truck and get equipped.

They are not superheroes, they are workers qualified to face any risky situation and with great confidence in their functioning as a team. And the fire department is like a big family. In the long 24-hour shifts, they always live together actively, always attentive to the alarm that signals the exit to a new emergency.

Modelo Troza - Panter

Special intervention boot for Forestry Brigades and rescue and extinction tasks. Made of water-repellent natural grain leather, breathable, liquid-repellent and resistant to fire, tearing and traction. Water-repellent and fire-retardant according to EN ISO 15090.

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