That the client enjoys, is my happiness.

foto Bombero Currante

The fire in Noelia's kitchen is fueled by vine shoots, the same fuel that her grandmother used when she was at the controls of the same stoves that she manages today. She is known in her area as the chef of fire, a nickname she wears with pride because she does not mind exposing herself to the high temperatures she feels when she prepares any of her rice dishes. Making others happy through the palate is her daily goal.

Making others happy through the palate is their daily goal.

He enjoys feeding his guests his family's traditional recipes, to which he has added some personal touches. Side by side with their sister, and accompanied by their parents, they are the fourth generation of workers who give their best every day to continue the family dream.

Modelo Lúpulo S2 - Panter

Boot in white microfiber, antimicrobial, ergonomic and with self-adjustable closure. Specially intended for use by the food industry, cleaning, laboratories, healthcare, etc.

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